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"Ouch!" is not a code word!

Another Batch of Warm Buns is my second collection of spanking short stories that include erotic, play and discipline scenarios. The stories are filled with adult women and men of various shapes and ages who enjoy giving and/or getting spanked.
The stories range from betting spanks on sporting events in "You Bet Your Ass" to fun and discipline in the office in "Jesse: The Hard-Handed Janitor" to a woman’s encounter with a stranger she’s met over the internet in "Spanked by Email" to one police department’s harsh discipline for speeders in "C.O.P.S.: Count On Painful Smacks" and much, much more.


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Another fine mess you've gotten into:

Story Titles Include:
1. You Bet Your Ass A couple's sports wagers are not for money, but for spankings.

2. Jesse: The Hard-Handed Janitor A janitor punishes a messy, but sexy, law clerk.

3. Personal: Command Performance How far will a woman go to please her lover?

4. The Lash Resort Ranch Are riding crops for use on the horses or the riders?

5. Spanked By Email A woman gets a mysterious email telling hers she is going to be spanked, and spanked hard. Who is it from?

6. A Painful Lesson A teacher giver a student the ultimate lesson.

7. Personal: One Tough Customer A clerk serves a customer who's T-shirt that says: "You Need A Spanking" and she's intrigued.

8. Cindy's Spanking An excerpt from Just Another Sleeping Beauty, the prince drags Cindy out of a pond and spanks her across his horse's withers. (My favorite)

9. Mucho Macho Man A handsome newcomer makes the women swoon to be over his knees, but he's a bottom.

10. It's Never Too Late A woman admits she deserves a spanking after almost getting herself killed doing a favor for a worthless boyfriend.

11. She's No Angel A spanker in Heaven wants a second chance on earth.

12. C.O.P.S.: Count On Painful Smacks Men and women get paddled for minor offences.

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