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For those who like things a little kinky, I've written two books of short stories and one novel about the spanking scene. I tried to write these without the sleaze and exploitation most spanking stories have.  They are not BDSM or D/s oriented, and there is no abusive or dirty language. 
Instead I tried to put in some romance, and the sense of fun, and warmth of the people I know in the scene.
In The Paddle Club especially, these people enjoy giving and/or getting spankings. As in real life, the woman is not always the one getting spanked, so I also included stories where the man is the bottom.


The Paddle Club is filled with fun-loving people who enjoy spanking. They are adult women and men of various shapes and ages, and many switch from top to bottom. These folks have fun and they like to party. Follow their stories as a new member, Suzanne, joins the group. She meets James and they fall in love. More members join and romance blooms as they participate in initiations, slave auctions, spanko trade fairs, kinky carnivals and many more fun and games.

Chapters Include:

1. What Do You Wear To Be Caned? Suzanne prepares to undergo initiation into a spanking club as a last attempt to save a failing romance.

2. A Painful Initiation. Suzanne learns that the initiation was indeed painful, but she likes the group and really likes the club's host.

3. A Surprise Initiation. Suzanne's lover gets a surprise--he gets an initiation and soon realizes he doesn't like it one bit. 

4. A New Lover. Suzanne dumps her old lover. Then she and James, the club's host, fall in love.

5. A New Life Together Begins. Suzanne and James move in together.

6. What Santa Gives Good Girls. Well, they do get on Santa's lap--face down. 

7. The Amazing Maze. The group plans a maze with traps at every turn, most of them painful, some purely fun.

8. More Amazing Fun. The maze continues.

9. A Warm Circle Of Friends. Just hanging out at a normal Paddle Club meeting.

10. Ohh Baby Baby! Suzanne goes into labor.

11. A Nosy Neighbor Gets Hers. A concerned citizen investigates the club. 

12. Jesse's Girl. Jesse the janitor has a lovely law clerk as a girlfriend.

13. A Spanko's Trade Fair. The group hosts a trade fair with spanking implements, and a row of booths where you can be spanked or spank someone in various scenarios. Suzanne tempts on old school friend to try out the scenes. 

14. More Kinky Fair Fun. More scenes: things like being whipped in stocks, or over an altar rail. 

15. Even More Fair Fun. Another scene is to be waiting outside the headmaster's office. 

16. A Surprise For Mario. Suzanne's friend has a surprise for her lover.

17. Hot Tub, Hot Sex. Two club members have some hot tub fun. 

18. Just Horsing Around. Two more members have fun with their horses.

19. New Victims, Er, Members. More people want to join the club.

20. Another Painful Initiation. Well, there's another initiation.  

21. The Photo Shoot. Two of the new members play with  their camera. 

22. You Bet Your Assets. The club hosts a casino night, with some prizes for the general public, and some for members only. The private prizes are warm and stinging. . . and fun!

23. A Real Entertaining Party. Club members put on skits at a party. 

24. Training For A New Little Slave. After a slave auction, a woman who's new to the scene gets a real education on the BDSM and spanking scene.

25. The Slave's Training Continues. She spends one long weekend as a slave.

26. Spanked On The High Seas. She likes the scene but would rather top, which is great because her man is a natural bottom. 

27. Betting On Your Future. Instead of sporting events, two club members place a bet with no named stakes, winner's choice. What will it be? 

28. The Kinky Carnival. The club members hold a carnival, some public and vanilla and some private and not vanilla.

29. Initiations, For The Last Time. We tie up loose ends, and some of those ends are red and hot.

Note: Many of these characters are in Hot Crossed Buns and Another Batch of Warm Buns, but once I got started, they began to come together, and what a great group. I feel as if I know these people.


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