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Hot Crossed Buns is a collection of spanking short stories that include erotic, play and discipline scenarios. The stories are filled with adult women and men of various shapes and ages who enjoy giving and/or getting spanked.
The stories range from purchasing domination services in "Store Bought Pain" to fun and discipline in the office in "Gee, Thanks Boss" and "Office Pranks, Office Spanks" to a daughter’s punishment in "My Butt Belongs To Daddy" and more. A full dozen stories in all.


Beware what you wish for:

Stories include:
1. Store Bought Pain When a woman wants to explore spanking she finds a pro to help her and gets more than she bargains for.

2. I'd Rather Face The Judge
A husband gives his wife a harsh lesson on speeding and safety.

3 Couples And Their Toys A couple new to spanking learn more about how to play with spanking toys and makes some great friends.

4. Gee, Thanks Boss A supervisor sets up an apprentice for some rather painful discipline training.

5. Tender Lovemaking A couple, falling in love, explore spanking sex, and wind up getting married.

6. My Butt Belongs To Daddy A heartbroken father stops his daughter from ruining her life, then he turns his anger on her boyfriend.

7. Personal: The First Time A slightly autobiographical take of a woman's first erotic spanking.

8. The Beast: Beauty Over A Log A fairly harsh excerpt from The Heart Of The Beast.

9. Kiss My What? An Excerpt from The Paddle Club, a couple rehearses a scene from Kiss Me Kate.

10. The Spanking Of The Shrew A woman is out of control so her lover teaches her some manners.

11. The Beast: Beauty In The Barn A more fun and playful excerpt from The Heart Of The Beast.

12. Office Pranks, Office Spanks Keep your hands off the petty cash, or else.


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