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A dark and erotic historical romance!

What if the Beast was only ugly on the inside?
What if his cruelty was legendary?
Could he still learn to love?

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A dark and sexy fairy tale for adults.


A man who's been trained to show no mercy,
and a woman who can stand up to his wrath and open his heart up to love.

My Beast is not an ogre or a monster, at least not on the outside. He is young, and handsome, and utterly ruthless. He has been trained that to show any mercy or compassion will make him vulnerable. He is fearless and intolerant.
My Beauty has seen it all: her father murdered, her mother ill, her family impoverished and in rags. Through all this she has had the strength keep her kind and loving nature intact. She is brave and patient.

The Beast wants to hang her brother for something he did not do. Beauty goes to bargain with the Beast to save him. She offers her virgin body but that’s not enough for the Beast--he’ll hang her brother and take her anyway. So she offers him something he’s never had: A woman’s loving devotion.
Intrigued, he takes her up on her offer, but keeps trying to find ways to force her into breaking her word. She stands fast, and slowly shows him how to love and be loved.

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