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Click on the picture for a preview of this lighthearted contemporary romance. This couple fights love and each other all the way. 


The matchmakers, Kate and Laura never give up and they never fail!

Kate, from Working Romance, teams up with her friend Laura to find the perect woman for their mutual friend Frank. Of course, their idea of the perfect woman for Frank is one who will challenge him and give him a hard time.
Lanie fights him every step of the way, until she falls in love. 

Frank was a happy man, a bachelor and glad of it--until he met Kate. Was it his fault that he quoted a line from The Taming of The Shrew at their first meeting? Well, yes, but Kate got back at him—she promised to find him a shrew. Not a shrew he could tame but a shrew who could tame him!

The truth is, Kate had nothing to do with it, she just invited Frank to a party. Was it her fault that Laura invited Lanie? Did Kate and Laura conspire to have Frank spill red wine on Laura’s white dress? Did Kate and Laura cause the sparks that practically singed everyone in the room whenever Frank and Lanie got together?

Well, the bet with Frank that he couldn't get Lanie to fall for him was Kate's idea. But did he have to take the bet? 

Lanie and Frank have mishaps and minor disasters every time they see each other. They also argue.

Once in a while, between arguments they do get along. When they kiss, it's explosive. The burst of passion makes Lanie back off more, she has a ten-year-old daughter to worry about and she's decided to avoid men. She tells Frank to leave her alone.

Soon Lanie has a secret admirer sending her poems, notes and small gifts. Everyone thinks it's all from Frank--except Frank who knows he only sent a few things.

When Lanie and Frank wind up on a mystery weekend, they make a great team. When Lanie's daughter gets hurt, Frank proves to be great with kids. But it's when they have a mudfight and almost get arrested that things really heat up.

Soon Lanie's daughter, Cassie, has a new dad, a puppy, and a horse. Boy! Is she glad she helped her grandma write all those notes.


Here's a preview of Who's Taming Who?