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Store Bought Pain

Sarah had always wanted a spanking. It was an old fantasy that she had never found the courage to fulfill. Finally, after searching through underground personal ads, she found someone who she thought would give her the spanking she had dreamed of.  She was afraid, but more afraid that if she backed out she would never know how deep and real the fantasy was.


Here’s an excerpt:


She arrived at his door at exactly 8 PM, the appointed time. He had warned her that there would be a penalty if she was late. As much as she wanted a spanking, she wasn’t sure if she wanted a penalty, whatever it would be. She rang the doorbell and waited.


“Hi,” he said in a relaxed and friendly voice. He had the most friendly, open smile Sarah had ever seen. He also had a hint of humor in his face.


“I’m Mac, you must be Sarah?” At her nervous nod, he said, Come in. I won’t hurt you,” he paused and flashed her another smile, full of the devil and good humor, “much. Trust me. You’re right on time. I’m disappointed.”


Sarah found her voice. “Why?” she asked, entering the room.


He shut the door behind her and locked it with a loud click, bringing her back to the present and stopping her memories in their tracks.


“I promised you a penalty for being late,” he said softly. “Maybe I should give you a penalty for disappointing me.” He whispered in her ear.


“That hardly seems fair!” It was a weak protest.


“Sarah, my sweet, I’ve been known to spank women for just breathing. How is that fair?” He smiled at her, then flashed her a stern look. “So? Why were you not late?”


“I’m sorry, I was too scared to be late,” Sarah whispered.


“Silly girl,” Mac chided, “come here.” 


And boy, oh boy, did he fulfill her fantasy!