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Here’s an excerpt:

At one party, between Thanksgiving and Christmas, Suzanne was wearing a full red skirt and a red, green and white sweater. She wandered away from James when she spotted Jerry across the room. Jerry had become one of her favorite members and one of her best friends. On this occasion, in honor of the holidays, he had come to the party dressed as Santa Claus. It was surprising how little effort it took for Jerry to make a fantastic Santa. He already had the roly-poly shape, he was the right age, and he had a very merry grin, with rosy cheeks and twinkling eyes. All he needed was the suit and a beard. He was seated on one of the large overstuffed chairs near the dais.

Suzanne went over to greet him. "Hi Santa." She kissed his cheek.

"Ho! Ho! Ho1" Jerry said merrily. "Come up and site on my lap little girl"

When Suzanne sat herself on his lap Jerry said, "Have you been a good little girl?

"Well . . ."Suzanne looked at him with innocence in her big blue eyes, "I try to be good, Santa, sort of."

"What do you mean sort of?" Jerry asked her sternly, "Are you a bad girl sometimes?"

"Well, sometimes, maybe," Suzanne said softly, with an air of meekness, "I might do something bad once in a while."

"Have you at least been punished for all the wrong things you've done?" Santa Jerry asked. "Or has James been neglecting you?"

Suzanne replied ingenuously, "Well, I don't always tell James when I've been bad." She leaned forward and whispered in Jerry's ear, "And sometimes, he even makes me do bad things, Santa, I can't lie to you."

"Well, I guess I can bring you a little gift, just for being so honest. What do you want, girl?" He asked her.

I want a hot, red bottom, Santa please," she replied smiling.

"Santa can do that little girl. I'll give you your present right now if you lay face down across my lap." His green eyes twinkled.

Suzanne got into the required position, draped across his lap with her long, black hair brushing the floor. She felt him raise her full, red skirt up onto her back, and gently lower the silky red underwear down her legs. Jerry rubbed her buttocks gently, than he began to spank her with firm, loud, cracking slaps.

He took his time warming her up. He turned one side of her butt red and hot, and then changed his attention to the other side. When he had spanked both cheeks until they were red and hot, without causing any real pain, he started over.

This time, he spanked her harder, again first on one side and then on the other. The spanking went on for a long time, gradually getting harsher and harsher. Suzanne squirmed and gasped occasionally but she kept silent for over seventy blows until her butt was red and on fire.

Finally she said, "Thanks you Santa, that's enough."