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Click on the picture for a preview of Working Romance, a novel full of fun, kids, playful puppies and love!


Is this any way to meet your new boss?

With a friend like Laura, Kate won't be single very long.

Modern love can be complicated.

Even with work, kids friends and pets, a man and a woman can still fall passionately in love.


What’s the worst thing that can happen the day before you start a new job? The worst way to meet your new boss? Could it be meeting him in the nude? Kate should have known better than to spend a day at the nude beach. Well, at least she got her new boss's full attention. Her view of him wasn’t so bad either.

Their romance is complicated by three small children, two Boston terrier dogs and a litter of puppies. And that’s not even mentioning her workload or the dangerous embezzler in the office.

A special thanks To Jinger Heaston for the terrific cover art!

Here's a preview of: Working Romance