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I only sell print books on this site, however both print books and eBooks are available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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Just Another Sleeping Beauty        
  Love can be found anywhere throughout time and space, even if you are in a coma.   


I sell my books through my site for $6.95 each, with shipping at $3.25, shipping cost will be adjusted for purchase of more than 1 book. I sign all copies.
The list includes: The Paddle Club, Hot Crossed Buns. Another Batch of Warm Buns, The Heart of The Beast, Working Romance, Who's Taming Who? Dreaming of Tomorrow, Beautiful in The Lord's Eyes, and Just Another Sleeping Beauty. I have a very short supply on these books. The above prices are for print books bought directly from me.




Hi, I'm Susan Kohler and here's a few things to help you get to know me:


I wish I could claim to be young and beautiful, but I'm just me, sixty + and overweight. I have blond hair when I remember to color it, and green eyes.


I'm retired, and recently moved from Covina, CA to Toledo, Ohio


My writing takes several forms: the romance novels, both modern and based on fairy tales, faith based novels and the more kinky spanking novels. They're not so far apart really, but some like one, some the other and hopefully some like all of them.


I'm an animal lover. I've had several horses and dogs over the years. Currently, I have a  Boston Terrier named Oreo, and a Taiwanese Mountain dog named Sable. I also have two human roommates Michael and Dawn, and their dogs.


To let you get to know me here are a few of my favorite things:


Favorite movies:To Have and Have Not, Star Wars, West Side Story, Les Miserables


Favorite TV Shows: Criminal Minds, CSI, So You Think You Can Dance


Favorite music: Clay Aiken, Bruce Springsteen, Eric Clapton, The Who


Favorite Authors: Nora Roberts, JD Robb, Linda Howard, Maggie Shayne, Anne Stuart, Dean Koontz





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Modern Romance
Faith Based

Love is God's greatest plan.

Christian Faith Based

God can turn hate into love.

Fairy tale based

Can you fall in love in limbo?

Fairy Tales Based

Is he really that evil, or can he love?

Modern Romance

What a way to meet your new boss!

Modern Romance

In the game of love, who wins?

Spanking Stories

Warm hands, and warm bottoms

Spanking Stories

Some for fun, some for discipline

Spanking Stories

More fun, more discipline, more warm buns

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